Jake Paul promises to finish Ben Askren in “six minutes or less” in their boxing match on April 17

Jake Paul, Ben Askren
Image via @JakePaul on Instagram (photographer not listed)

Jake Paul is confident he will finish Ben Askren within two rounds in their boxing match on Saturday night.

Paul, the brash YouTuber, is set for his third professional bout against Askren in Atlanta, Georgia which is a fascinating fight.

Although Askren is far from a striker, he has a ton of combat sports experience and will be a tough out for Paul. But, if the 24-year-old gets his hand raised, it will only add to his hype and get him another big fight next time out.

Despite the fact that Paul only has two professional boxing matches, the YouTuber is confident he will finish Askren early on Saturday.

“I don’t care about it, to say the least. It doesn’t really matter to me what he’s doing, and that is sort of my point,” Jake Paul said to True Geordie. “I don’t care what Ben Askren is doing. I don’t care about what Ben Askren does on April 17, I don’t care what his game plan is, I don’t care about his skills. Anything that he does, I will have an answer to. I’ve sparred against better fighters than him this whole entire camp.

“Every single person that I’ve sparred in this camp is better than Ben Askren and quite literally, April 17 will be the easiest ‘training session’ for the whole entire camp. Every single day of this camp will be harder than what the actual fight night is,” Paul continued. “I’m going to go in there and fight someone who is a lesser opponent than all these guys I’ve sparred. I’m going to drop him in six minutes or less and I’m going to f*****g walk out of the arena and that’s that.”

If Jake Paul does end up knocking out Ben Askren in six minutes or less as he says, there is no doubt his callouts of Conor McGregor and other MMA fighters will only increase.

Do you think Jake Paul will beat Ben Askren?

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