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Dustin Poirier appears to callout Nate Diaz on social media

Dustin Poirier seemingly has his eyes on Nate Diaz.

Although Poirier is likely to get the next title shot against Charles Oliveira, he has made it clear he is after big paydays and that’s exactly what Diaz is. Poirier and Diaz also have had a rivalry as they were supposed to fight at UFC 230 and both men accuse one another of pulling out of the contest.

Now, Poirier took to Twitter where he appears to call out Diaz.

“Nathan?,” Poirier tweeted.

Although many expected Poirier to fight Oliveira for the lightweight title, if he just wants a big money fight, there is none bigger than Diaz. It would be a massive pay-per-view and if Poirier wins, it could then set up the fourth fight with Conor McGregor once he heals up from his broken leg.

Ever since Poirier beat McGregor, Diaz called out The Diamond and even tweeted at McGregor saying he’ll show him how to win.

It also shouldn’t be a surprise to see Poirier call him out as after Poirier beat McGregor in January, he said he wanted to fight Diaz next time out.

“It is exciting, it is fun. Those are the kind of fights I want to be part of. Fights that are exciting to me and that I’m motivated to get up and bust my ass every day,” Dustin Poirier said to ESPN about Diaz. “That is exciting. That is a guy I grew up watching, a guy who is still a very big name, that’s it.

“I think the fans would be in for a great fight if that one happens,” Poirier continued about Diaz. “Does it make sense in the lightweight division? No. Does it make sense where I am at, standing in the door front of a title shot? No. But, it is a fun fight and this is entertainment and this is fighting.”

Would you like to see Dustin Poirier vs. Nate Diaz?

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