Dominick Cruz reveals he never texted Chael Sonnen to ask for Sean O’Malley fight

Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz didn’t ask for the Sean O’Malley fight after all.

At the UFC 260 post-fight show, Chael Sonnen said Cruz texted him that he wanted the O’Malley fight. It immediately caught the attention of many UFC fans who became interested in the fight. O’Malley also was interested in the fight, but according to the former UFC bantamweight champion, he never even called for the scrap.

“In his mind, he thought this was a friendly thing to do for me because I didn’t run out and shout somebody out the way he does,” Dominick Cruz said to Ariel Helwani of ESPN. “That’s the way he works. You gotta do this, that’s Chael, you know this. But, like you said he does bend the truth and he definitely bent the truth over backwards on this one. I did not text him that.

“In fact, six months before I picked up this fight with Casey Kenney and agreed to it, before (Sean) Shelby brought it to me, he asked me if I wanted to be part of his grappling promotion against Sean O’Malley or against Roman Bravo-Young,” Cruz added. “I’m thinking, why would I go do this when I am still planning to fight? I said no, I am not going to do that because I plan on coming back to fight and he said respect. That was it.

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“Then he brings this back around and creates it and it is very Chael Sonnen for him to do so. I did not text him. This is the honest to God truth,” Cruz continued.

Although Dominick Cruz didn’t ask for the Sean O’Malley fight, it is a fight that does make sense. It also garnered the interest of UFC fans. Perhaps, the UFC ends up booking the fight, but if they do, it was not Cruz who called for the fight, rather Sonnen wanting it to happen.

What do you make of Dominick Cruz saying he never texted Chael Sonnen to ask for the Sean O’Malley fight?

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