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Dana White: UFC will have to cut fighters as more Contender Series contracts are offered

UFC President Dana White says the promotion will have to part ways with some of its current fighters as it continues to sign new talent through Contender Series.

White has signed a host of new fighters on Contender Series over the last few weeks. That trend continued last night, when the UFC boss offered contracts to Josh Parisian, Cheyanne Buys, and brother duo Orion and Louis Cosce.

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As Contender Series continues to inflate the UFC roster, White says he’ll have to trim the fat in order ensure the promotion can fulfill its contractual obligations to its fighters.

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“It’s all a numbers game,” White said at the post-fight press conference for this week’s episode of Contender Series. “We have to give everybody three fights a year, so you can only have so many people under contract.

“Every once in awhile, you’ll see a huge cut,” White added. “We’ll go through and there will be 14, 15 guys cut in a week. Stuff like that. That’s the nature of the beast.”

White also gave us a taste of what he looks for when he’s scouting potential UFC talent on Contender Series, singing the praises of one of the newest members of the promotion’s roster in Cheyanne Buys.

“What do I say about Cheyanne? What don’t I say about her?” White said. “Her striking is unbelievable. Her ground is awesome. She’s mean, awesome, she’s cocky. She’s 5-1 now. She’s not even in her prime. She’s young, she’s a baby. I like her very, very much and I expect big things from Cheyanne.”

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The UFC recently parted ways with a number of established fighters such as Eric Spicely and Roman Bogatov, so hopefully, the current members of the roster are safe for the moment.

Which fighters do you think are at risk of being cut as Dana White’s continues to add Contender Series products to the UFC roster?

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM
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This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM