Dana White praises ‘good friend’ Donald Trump at political rally: “He’s doing great things for this country”

Dana White, UFC 249

UFC president Dana White spoke on Thursday evening at a political rally in Colorado in support of United States President Donald Trump.

White and Trump are good friends going back two decades now, with Trump being instrumental to the rise of MMA in the early days of the UFC. When White had the chance to speak at Thursday’s rally, he praised Trump and spoke glowingly about the president. Below is the video and a written transcript of what White said at the podium.


“What’s up Colorado? How are you today? So I’m not a very political person, I’ll start there. But let me say this. There’s things that I can tell you about the President of the United States that you don’t hear on TV, that you don’t hear from other people. Like you said, I’ve known this man for 20 years. We’ve actually become even closer since he’s become the President of the United States. When somebody becomes President of the United States, you don’t ever expect to hear from them again, k? And I understand it, it absolutely makes sense,” White said.

“This guy is so loyal and such a good friend. Every time I see him, I saw him today, when I met him on Air Force One, the first thing he said to me was, ‘How is your family? How is your family?’ Good man, very loyal, and a very good friend. I see a lot of things from Mr. Trump that the public doesn’t see. And the people who surround me every day see how this man treats me as a friend and other people he’s friends with. He’s a fighter, he loves this country, he’s doing great things for this country, and we got to win this election again ladies and gentlemen. Thank you,” White concluded.

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