Dana White goes off on Hans Molenkamp for BS story on how he became best friends with Rob Dyrdek

By Chris Taylor - January 5, 2019

Dana White was not happy after seeing an Instagram post from Hans Molenkamp who had shared his version of how the UFC President became ‘best friends’ with Rob Dyrdek.

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MMA community member @mandanicol3 captured the dispute before it was removed from social media.


“You wanna know how @robdrydek and @danawhite became best friends? Rob and I go back to the 90’s skateboarding, #dcshoes and his OG TF in San Diego. I’ve shot him for skate mags and Rolling Stone etc. So, I took Rob and Big to their first #ufc and had to convince them (UFC) they were cool and legit celebrities. The Rob and Big show had just dropped and was already a hit, but they still had no idea lol. #realtalk They actually put us in horrible seats until it caused such a problem with security they moved us to the floor. Yeah, times have changed… F wit me and meet new friends lol #ufc66″ – Hans Molenkamp

Hans, who is a BJJ black belt under Dean Lister, would later delete the post this after Dana White responded with the following lengthy comment.

“Biggest crock of sh*t ever. When I see everyone of your posts I think is this guy joking right now or is he actually serious? I met you through Tiki, when Tiki asked me to take a picture with the T-Shirt he asked me to wear. I’m assuming you met most of the fighters through Tiki. You walk up to people and have someone secretly taking pics and then posting pics like you are in some meeting and post corny sh*t like ‘soaring with the eagles’. I usually just laugh and say is he f*cking serious right now??? I don’t know exactly what you do for @monsterenergy but it seems like you decide which fighter gets a sponsorship and which doesn’t so I’m sure that’s why they let you post the crazy sh*t like you attempting to spar with them and other goofy sh*t. I didn’t become ‘best friends’ with Rob through you and you are FAR from being the guy who ‘influences the influencers’ stop blowing smoke up everyone’s ass! #realtalk” – Dana White

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