Dana White confirms UFC will “kick” extra bonus money to Billy Quarantillo and Spike Carlyle

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UFC president Dana White confirmed the promotion will “kick” some extra bonus money to Billy Quarantillo and Spike Carlyle for their fight at UFC Las Vegas.

Quarantillo defeated Carlyle via unanimous decisions in one of the most back-and-forth fights on the card, a bout that had fans buzzing as it was action-packed for all 15 minutes. Both Quarantillo and Carlyle were close to finishing the fight at numerous point, with Quarantillo ultimately being able to grind out a victory on the judges’ scorecards.

Despite Quarantillo vs. Carlyle being a fantastic fight, the UFC opted to go with Tim Elliott vs. Brandon Royval for the $50,000 “Fight of the Night” bonus, which left many fans surprised. Although Elliott vs. Royval was an exciting fight with a finish, it seems most agreed that Quarantillo vs. Carlyle was the superior fight.

At the post-fight press conference, White was asked who made the decision to award Elliott vs. Royval FOTN and now Quarantillo vs. Carlyle. White admitted that it was a tough call, and said that he would award extra money to Quarantillo and Carlyle after they were snubbed for the FOTN award.

“Me, Sean (Shelby) and Mick (Maynard) make that decision (for Fight of the Night). We blew it huh? Is that what you’re telling us? You’re telling us we blew it tonight?” White said.

“That bums me out. That bums me out because we all felt like if you look at that Tim Elliott fight with Royval, it was super technical. I mean that fight was super technical, they were going back and forth, and we felt like it was Fight of the Night. The other dudes, it was an absolute, straight-up dog fight. Absolutely the Carlyle fight was a straight-up dog fight. So I’ll kick those kids something.”

What do you think of the call Dana White and the UFC matchmakers made for Fight of the Night?

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