Curtis Blaydes tells Stipe Miocic to “pick a job” after saying he won’t fight during pandemic

Curtis Blaydes

Curtis Blaydes believes Stipe Miocic needs to make a decision on whether he is a UFC fighter or a firefighter.

Miocic is currently on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic working as a firefighter in Ohio. Yet, due to this, the heavyweight champion has said he won’t fight during the pandemic. He says can’t train and needs to work his firefighting job as the main reason why.

Since making that claim, many heavyweights have called for him to be stripped. Dana White, meanwhile, says Miocic needs to make a decision soon or could be stripped as requested.

For Blaydes, he says it’s a lie that Miocic can’t train and needs to defend his belt out of respect for the division.

“Any professional athlete but especially a pro fighter needs to take responsibility for their training, this pandemic hasn’t forced me to miss one workout. Stipe is tripping if he thinks ppl believe he can’t train cause his coach can’t open the gym up,” Blaydes wrote.

The third-ranked heavyweight says it is unfair what Miocic is doing to all the rest of the heavyweights by making them wait.

“So pick a job to commit to, we deserve a champion who’s committed to continually proving he’s the champ. If he can’t do that for the foreseeable future that’s ok no shade. But holding up the division isn’t fair to all the other guys who are continually working for a title shot,” he added.

Curtis Blaydes is expected to fight Alexander Volkov on June 20. He confirmed on social media in that thread that the fight against the Russian is still on. The location of the event is unknown as it won’t happen in Saskatchewan, but could happen on Fight Island.

For Miocic, he says the plan is to have his trilogy with Daniel Cormier soon. When that will be remains to be seen.

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This article first appeared on on 5/15/2020. 

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