Conor McGregor unloads on “fat fool” Daniel Cormier

Conor McGregor
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Conor McGregor lashed out at fellow former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier on social media Monday evening.

The Irishman’s verbal assault was due to comments made by Cormier surrounding McGregor’s current and very public spat with UFC President Dana White.

White and McGregor have been going back and forth ever since the UFC boss insinuated Conor had turned down opponents in the past.

Conor McGregor recently added fuel to the fire when he revealed some private text messages between he and Dana White surrounding a potential fight with Diego Sanchez.

Daniel Cormier, UFC 241, Dana White
Image: Daniel Cormier on Instagram

Most recently Daniel Cormier came into the cross fire when he insinuated that McGregor had avoided specific fights in the past.

“So you’re actually exactly what… I can’t. So you believe this?” Cormier questioned Ariel Helwani when discussing the topic of Conor’s willingness to fight anybody. “You believe that Conor would fight Diego Sanchez? Look, Conor’s trying to use a guy like you (Helwani) to prove that yea he is willing to fight anybody. We just talked about Diego being done and the biggest star in UFC history is saying he will fight him. So if you say him saying he will fight Diego Sanchez means he will fight anybody, but the reality is Conor ain’t fighting anybody. It has to be the right fight.”

Daniel Cormier continued to weigh-in on Conor McGregor and his willingness to take fights.

“Because if Conor was fighting anybody, right. Conor would have been, and again it is not like I am trying to fight the opposite side of the argument with you, so please don’t paint me out to be this UFC white knight. If Conor was willing to fight just anybody, he would have agreed to be the replacement guy for Khabib vs. Ferguson.”

Conor McGregor clearly did not take well to Daniel Cormier’s remarks and fired back at the former UFC champ-champ on Twitter.

“I asked for May you fat fool, what you saying? I fought in January and tried to go again but was purposely held back to be an alternate for a July fight. Wait 7 whole fucking months and “maybe” I’d get to fight? Are you stupid? What are you saying mate? I asked for May vs ANYONE!”

“I asked for all these fights on February the 13th!! Corona didn’t exist. May/Anyone! August,Dublin/Diego(Just fought that night) End Of year/rematch. 4 fights/1 year. I was held back to wait it out to be an alternate for a fight many months away. There’s no other way to see this.”

“While then thrown under the bus saying that I turned down a fight with Tony after Khabib had bottled it. Lol at that one. The deciphering abilities of people in this business absolutely baffles me! It’s clear as fucking day!”

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