Colby Covington reacts to Kamaru Usman’s win over Gilbert Burns at UFC 258

Colby Covington, Kamaru Usman

Outspoken UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington has shared his initial reaction to the recent Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns fight.

Usman, the UFC welterweight champion, fought Burns, the No. 1-ranked welterweight contender in the main event of UFC 258 on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Usman was dropped early in the fight, but ultimately rallied for a third-round TKO win to defend his title.

Speaking to Submission Radio, Covington shared his thoughts on Usman’s victory over Burns, and as you probably expected, he’s not impressed.

“I think that looks like a guy really primed to get knocked out his next fight, and I want to be the one to deliver it,” Covington said. “He looks a little chinny. Dilbert, he’s an oversized m*dget, man, he’s a 155-er getting knocked out by 155-ers. The guy’s nothing, and that guy came out and dropped you and almost finished you in the first round? You got lucky to get out of that that he fell on his back and just sat there for five minutes and let you recover. Besides that, I didn’t see anything special. I see a guy that’s gotten worse. He changed camps and he looks like a different fighter in the worst way. He looks like he’s declined in his progression. So, he looks like a guy I’m ready to expose to the world, and I want to show them Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington 2.0.”

Covington has fought Usman once before, losing to via fifth-round TKO in late 2019. Since then, he’s made numerous calls for a rematch, and remains one of the welterweight champion’s fiercest rivals.

Today, he’s as eager for a do-over with the champ as ever.

“Marty Fakenewsman, he got lucky as f*ck the first time we fought,” Covington said, looking back on their fight. “I was beating him three to one. The next time we fight, I’m not gotta get poisoned before the fight. In the fight, I’m not gonna have Marc Goddard to save him and stop momentum in the fight when I kick him in the liver and they call it a nut shot. That changed the whole momentum of the fight, man. And he had multiple breaks in the fight to catch his wind and regroup and stuff. And it was an early stoppage. I was winning the fight three to one. I want my rematch with Marty. Jorge ‘street Judas’ Masvidal forfeited out of the welterweight tournament, it’s only me and Marty Fakenewsman left at the top of the mountain.

“It’s hilarious. Marty Fakenewsman is a complete coward,” Covington added. “If I had a win over him the way he has a win over me, I would want to run that back right away. You know you didn’t beat me, and the fans know that night in that arena, and everybody around the world knew that that was a bullsh*t stoppage, a bullsh*t fight, and there’s still a lot of stones that are unturned. So, there’s a lot of unfinished business. He just knows what presents him the hardest challenge, and that’s me. He’s looking for an easy payday, he’s looking for the Street Judas Masvidal cause he knows he’s washed up. That fight goes the same way every single time, guys.”

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