Colby Covington accuses Kamaru Usman of EPO use.

Colby Covington, Kamaru Usman

The king of chaos, Colby Covington has accused his future opponent, Kamaru Usman of EPO use.

‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ is scheduled to defend his welterweight championship belt against Covington at UFC 245 on Saturday 14th December.

Before fans witness a battle of wrestling, the UFC fighters have been battling a war of words. The pair went face-to-face during a press conference on Friday and the title challenger accused Usman of using Erythropoietin (EPO). Covington also insulted USADA by implying that Usman had already failed the drug test which is the reason the fight couldn’t take place before December.

“I was looking forward to fighting this weekend,” Covington said towards Usman (transcript with MMA Fighting).

“That’s why the President of the United States is coming out. But there’s a reason why I’m not fighting this weekend, you might want to ask this guy.

“He pissed hot. He couldn’t pass a piss test. So that’s the real reason. He had to let the EPO get out of his system for this weekend.”

Ariel Helwani corroborated the statement on Twitter and also said the American Top Team fighter trashed UFC 244’s ‘BMF’ title between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal.

The former bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw tested positive for EPO under the UFC’s drug-testing program and received a two-year suspension.

USADA will not disclose anti-doping violations until they are resolved or action is taken. They won’t comment on pending cases unless an athlete reveals a positive test first.

Erythropoietin is a form of a performance-enhancing drug that can’t be accidentally ingested, therefore a coverup by USADA (as insinuated by Covington) seems highly unlikely.

The wrestler continued to call out the welterweight champion and his teammates. He said:

“Everybody knows the Blackzilians team is notorious for doing steroids, Anthony Johnson, Rashad Evans, all the guys over there, Alistair Overeem when he was over there.

“I have inside information that he was doing EPO for a couple of years and that’s just that. That’s a fact. He has no good response.

“He can’t even defend himself. I think it’s pretty clear he’s on steroids but it’s not going to make a difference because when I get my hands on him, he will melt.

Covington goaded Usman, even suggesting he would pay him to complete a test again.

“I’ll pay you $25,000 if you can pee in a cup right now and it passes. I will. I’ll put it up right now.”

Usman responded:

“Put your money up.”

Usman didn’t want to take Covington’s bait and go back and forth trading insults. Instead, the welterweight champion wants his UFC 245 fight action, do the talking. He said:

“They all say that,

“With the way I’m beating guys, they all say that. But it is what it is. December 14th, there will be a beheading, and everyone will see it and watch it live.”

“It doesn’t really matter. I don’t avoid anything. I said yes to everything. All I’m waiting for is December 14th so that you guys finally get the fight you all wanted for so long.

“Real quick, let’s make some noise that December 14th you guys can’t wait for me to murder this clown.”

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