Chris Weidman apologizes during powerful conversation with Anderson Silva (Video)

Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman
Image Credit: UFC

Chris Weidman issued an apology to former UFC rival Anderson Silva during their powerful conversation on the American’s new show “Won’t Back Down”.

Weidman (15-6 MMA) and Silva (34-11 MMA) collided on two occasions back in 2013. In the pairs first encounter at UFC 162, ‘The All American’ shocked the world when he knocked out ‘The Spider’ to claim the promotions middleweight world title.

Due to Anderson Silva’s lengthy championship reign prior to the loss, Dana White and company booked him in an immediate rematch against the newly crowned champ in Chris Weidman at UFC 168. That evening in Las Vegas, ‘The Spider’ suffered a horrific injury as his shin snapped in the process of landing a low kick. The result was a TKO victory for Weidman and his first career title defense.

Nearly eight years after the shocking incident at UFC 168, Chris Weidman wound up suffering the same horrify injury as Anderson Silva in his recent UFC bout with Uriah Hall.

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Chris Weidman, UFC 261, Leg Break
Chris Weidman leg break at UFC 261

Weidman, who is now back to walking again following his leg break, recently started a new show called “Won’t Back Down” and one of his first guests was his longtime rival ‘The Spider’. During their powerful conversation, Chris Weidman shared the following words for the former pound-for-pound great in Anderson Silva.

“The first thing… Really the first thing that popped into my head when I broke my leg, as soon as I hit the ground. Well actually, as soon as I looked at my leg and I seen it flop around. The first thing that went in my head was I cannot believe it. I thought about you, I thought this is Anderson Silva. My leg looked like Anderson Silva’s. Like what the hell. There’s no way that is my leg right now. And then it is like, all of a sudden the pain is coming in.”

Chris Weidman continued:

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“And I remember when it happened with you, I didn’t know your leg broke as soon as it happened. I thought you were just in pain. I circle around and I remember hearing this screaming. Like someone was being murdered. And then I came over and I see you holding your leg and I was just, I could not believe it. And as time went on, I tried to get in touch with you that week because I felt terrible about it (initially celebrating the win at UFC 168). But as time went on, you kind of forget. You know, and I feel terrible now because now I understand the pain that you went through. All the trials and tribulations you went through and it just makes me empathize with you so much more. And to be honest, I’ve never even said this out loud but it has been on my mind really since it happened. I want to apologize to you.”

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