Chael Sonnen explains why he’s surprised Nate Diaz called out Jorge Masvidal

Nate Diaz
Image: @natediaz209 on Instagram

Chael Sonnen wasn’t expecting Nate Diaz to call out Jorge Masvidal.

Diaz felt making a challenge to “Gamebred” was the right call after besting Anthony Pettis in a three-round affair. It was Diaz’s first bout since Aug. 2016 and his first victory since March of that year. Despite the inactivity, the Stockton native’s popularity certainly hasn’t taken a hit as over 17,000 fans packed the Honda Center this past Saturday night (Aug. 17) for UFC 241.

During a new edition of ESPN+’s Ariel & The Bad Guy, Sonnen discussed why Nate Diaz calling out Jorge Masvidal took him by surprise.

“Here’s why I love the Masvidal fight, it makes sense, Sonnen said. “It’s a fight that he can get, it’s obtainable. Masvidal would do it. One of the other reasons it was surprising to me, usually the bad guys stick together. Bad guys just don’t call out bad guys. Heel vs. heel doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it’s something very special. I think it was a callout that he can get. I think it’s a callout he will get.”

Sonnen went on to say that he appreciated Diaz’s honesty when explaining his decision to challenge Masvidal.

“We did ask Nate Diaz on the set of ESPN afterwards,’ why did you call out Masvidal?’ Sonnen continued. I loved his reasoning. This doesn’t come from heat, it’s just the opposite. He said, ‘listen Chael, I feel I’ve been disrespected in the sport based on how long I have been here. Based on my longevity on how long I’ve done it. I feel my brother Nick is also underappreciated for how long he has been here and the opportunities that he’s been given. You got a champion that’s been here for two years?’ He goes, ‘I went and looked at Masvidal’s record, Masvidal’s been doing this longer than I have. He deserves something good to happen to him. I have the golden ticket right now and I want to hand it to a guy who’s deserving, which is Masvidal.’ Those were his words.”

Were you surprised when Nate Diaz called out Jorge Masvidal?

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