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Chael Sonnen believes Donald Cerrone has more ways to win than Conor McGregor at UFC 246

Chael Sonnen believes people are counting out Donald Cerrone against Conor McGregor.

In the main event of UFC 246, McGregor makes his highly-anticipated return to the Octagon on Jan. 18 opposite Cerrone at welterweight. Many fans think it is an easy fight for the Irishman, with some even suggesting Cowboy would take a dive. 

Yet, Sonnen disagrees and explains that the fight is much more interesting and closer now that it is at welterweight.

“They missed that this is happening at welterweight, 170 pounds. I think that is so significant, and you know who else agrees with me? Is the line in Vegas. As soon as it came out at 170 pounds, that dropped from Conor McGregor at almost a 5-to-1 favorite to him a 2.5-to-1 favorite,” Chael Sonnen said on Ariel and the Bad Guy. “At 170 pounds, Conor McGregor is batting 50 percent. He has only been there twice, he won one fight, he lost one fight both against Nate Diaz.

“The point being, Conor McGregor who is striking heavy, who is not known for ground and pound, who is not known for submissions. On paper at least, has one way to win this fight which is to knock Donald Cerrone out,” he continued. “Conor doesn’t even do that well in fights that go to a decision. So, now to knock a guy out who by the way has an extra 15 pounds is significant. It is the biggest talking point of this fight.”

Not only does the fight being at welterweight make it more interesting. But, according to Sonnen, he believes it is Donald Cerrone who has more ways to win than Conor McGregor.

“Conor is very awkward with his strikes, Donald Cerrone plays the same game. But, by the way, he’ll take you down and he’ll submit you,” Sonnen said. “Donald Cerrone has more ways to win this fight, I have to throw that out there. Even though the line has gotten significantly closer with the announcement of this being at welterweight, I still don’t think people are appreciating it.

“If Donald Cerrone can survive the first two and a half minutes, at least historically, his odds significantly rise should he can get one single takedown. The chances of him winning this fight significantly go up,” he concluded. “So yes when you are asking me if Conor made a miscalculation, I wouldn’t call it a mistake, but he now has two things against him. 170 and five rounds after a layoff.”

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen that Donald Cerrone has more ways to win than Conor McGregor at UFC 246?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.com on 1/7/2020. 

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM