Cat Zingano gives update on eye, considering appealing loss

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The UFC’s final event of the year was UFC 232, and it had a little bit of everything. Unfortunately, that included a good bit of controversy in…and especially out of the Octagon.

However, when it came to the in-Octagon controversy, it surrounded the first of the two female featherweight bouts which featured the returning former Invicta FC champion Megan Anderson as she took on the divisional debutant, ‘Alpha’ Cat Zingano.

The bout would end up only lasting a mere 61 seconds as Anderson would close the distance and throw a right straight followed by a left head kick that would connect with Zingano’s eye to end the fight.

It was feared that the former bantamweight title challenger’s eye was seriously injured but after having it taken care of by on-site doctors, it was reported as just an eyelid laceration

Since then, she has updated us on her status.

“I have a damaged iris, damaged retina, hemorrhage in the back of my eye, increased globe pressure and of course the laceration,” Zingano told ESPN. “They want me back at the doctor every three to four days to make sure there’s no detachment on the retina.

“Right now, they have to keep it dilated and on steroids for the next two weeks to keep the pressure down.”

Despite the state of California’s rules not counting the strike landed by Anderson as a foul, Zingano is considering trying to get the TKO loss overturned.

Zingano’s teammate and former UFC flyweight Barb Honchak briefly made their case on Twitter that night.

“According to California athletic commission a toe can not poke an eye. Looks like an eye poke to me. #notaneyepoke #nocontest @ufc @patmiletich

can’t make a fist with your elbow or chin either, but those can cause eye pokes, but a toe can’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @patmiletich @CatZingano @JFloresPro @ufc #ufc232” Honchak’s tweets read.

Obviously, Cat Zingano isn’t all too close to being ready to think about what will be next for her inside the Octagon, but Megan Anderson has made it clear since the fight ended that she’ll happily partake in a rematch if the UFC so desires.

This article first appeared on on 1/1/2019

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