Bryce Mitchell voices concerns over the current state of America: “Evil has took over this nation”

Bryce Mitchell, Dana White

Bryce Mitchell is once again in the news, voicing his concerns over the current state of America.

It was last weekend, Saturday March 5th at UFC 272 where Bryce Mitchell (15-0 MMA)  defeated Edson Barboza (22-11 MMA) by decision in a three round affair.

Following the win, Mitchell announced at the post-fight press conference that he was donating half of his purse to an Arkansas children’s charity. A very noble gesture indeed.

However, in the past Mitchell, the UFC featherweight contender, has come under scrutiny for his opinions and beliefs on mass school shootings, conspiracy theories, vaccines and more.

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On Tuesday, Bryce Mitchell made an appearance on Fox News, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’, where he talked about increasing oil prices, COVID-19, taxes, Russia’s war with Ukraine, and voiced his concerns about the state of the U.S.A. in general saying (h/t MMAJunkie):

“I’m just not wanting to go waste my life fighting for some of these battles that I don’t even believe in. I believe our leaders, a lot of these elites are guilty of treason. What they’ve done is just treasonous. …

We’re tired of this politics crap that’s going on. It’s evil is what’s going on. Evil has took over this nation, and we ain’t afraid of it, and we’re ready to fight.”

Tucker Carlson took to Twitter after the broadcast tweeting:

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“Nobody has described the American position on Ukraine as succinctly or as wisely as UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell.”

It should be noted that previously Bryce Mitchell admitted at a UFC press conference last week that he didn’t know much about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but confirmed he would not travel overseas to “fight none of these wars for these politicians.”

Mitchell, a cattle farmer as well as a prominent UFC fighter, in speaking about should his home state of Arkansas be invaded he would:

“I will dig my boots in the ground, and I will die for everything I love, and I will not retreat.”

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Do you agree with Tucker Carlson that Bryce Mitchell is a wise man and succinct in his thoughts on the American position on Ukraine? Do you agree with other comments Mitchell made on Fox News? Share your thoughts in the comment section PENN Nation!

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