Brendan Schaub reacts to UFC targeting 3 events in 8 days: “Bless your f**king heart Dana White”

Brendan Schaub

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub has reacted to the news that Dana White is planning on holding three UFC events in just over a week in early May.

When it was first announced that the promotion would be pushing ahead with three events in eight days, many fans were both elated and confused – with the latter emotion coming as a result of the UFC’s difficulty in putting on events so far during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Alas, with less than two weeks to go until UFC 249, it appears as if it’s time to admit that there’s a decent chance it’ll all go ahead.

Schaub, who has had made plenty of negative comments toward Dana White in the past, seems pretty excited. 

“Bless your f*cking heart, Dana White,” Schaub said. “I’d kiss you on your f*cking chapped lips right now, dude. I’m so grateful for you and the UFC. This card is so goddamn good and Justin Gaethje’s not taking it on short notice anymore! It’s a real fight!”.

While there may be a comical tone to Schaub’s voice in praising the UFC, it’s pretty clear to see that many folks are of the belief that now is the time for things to get moving again. Based on what we’ve seen around the globe in the last few weeks, it certainly appears as if one of the reasons Schaub and so many other fans are so desperate to get back to normal is due to quarantine fatigue.

There’s also the financial aspect of it all with many people losing their jobs and filing for unemployment, but with the UFC serving as a form of entertainment, the thought is that the promotion can provide people with a distraction from the chaos of everyday life.

Are you surprised to see Brendan Schaub praising Dana White? 

This article first appeared on on 4/28/2020.

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