Belarus added to the list of replacement locations for future UFC events

UFC Octagon,

Belarus has emerged as a potential plan B for the UFC when it comes to hosting future events for the promotion.

The last few weeks haven’t been great for the UFC, with the promotion being forced to postpone or outright cancel a string of events as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While most other sports around the world haven’t even attempted to put shows on under these circumstances, the UFC is different.

As reported by Sport24, one country that is more than willing to help the UFC put on events in these trying times is Belarus.

“We offered specific arenas which could host the UFC,” said Belarus Federation of Hand to Hand Fighting & MMA, Maxim Korolkov (via RT Sport).

“One of them is the Minsk Arena which can hold 15,000 people.”

In terms of getting UFC 249 over the finish line, it appears as if that was a non-starter – but future events could be a different story.

“We received an oral reply [from the UFC].

“Firstly, we were thanked for the offer. Secondly, our proposal was included as a conditional ‘plan B’.

“They already have venues for this tournament. Dana White does not want to report this, but they have well-developed options.

“In any case, they are grateful and ready to consider our option with Minsk for future UFC tournaments.”

While many nations have gone into lockdown as a result of the outbreak, Belarus has taken a different stance. They’ve carried on with their everyday lives, continued to put on sporting events such as the Belarusian Premier League, and haven’t entertained the idea of falling in line with other countries around them.

Regardless of how irresponsible that may be, you can bet that the UFC is going to strongly consider taking them up on their offer.

This article first appeared on on 4/6/2020.

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