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Nikita Krylov says coronavirus is transmitted through your TV

UFC light heavyweight contender Nikita Krylov believes that coronavirus is transmitted through your TV and he believes people are overthinking the virus.

Krylov recently fought Johnny Walker at UFC Brasilia on the last card before the UFC was forced into a coronavirus-induced hiatus. Krylov says he had no problems fighting on the card and says he is not worried about the coronavirus. In fact, he believes that people are getting infected just because they are thinking about it too much.

Here’s what Krylov told RT Sport about coronavirus.

“I’m trying not to think about it. I think to a large extent the coronavirus is transmitted through the TV. People who constantly think about it are at the biggest risk of being infected,” Krylov said.

“Why (worry)? The zone of risk is for elderly people and people who have a weak immunity. It’s good impetus to keep yourself in shape, eat well and stay physically active. Apart from that, every day people die in large numbers. A brick could fall on anyone’s head. That’s why I don’t see any point in wrapping yourself up in Scotch (tape) and not touching other people. I don’t do that.”

Krylov admits that fighting Walker at UFC Brasilia without an audience felt weird because he didn’t feel the energy of the fans. But on the other hand, he could hear his cornermen a lot better, and ultimately the fan-less crowd wasn’t a negative factor for him as he won the fight by unanimous decision.

“I don’t know if (no fans) matters a lot. Maybe without fans it’s a bit easier, there’s no noise, you can hear your corner clearly, no one distracts you. “But fans still give you a special energy. You can fight ether way, but I liked how the tournament was organized in Brazil, putting aside the fact that there’s a pandemic,” Krylov said.

What do you think about the comments Nikita Krylov made on coronavirus?

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