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Ariel Helwani responds to criticism from UFC commentator Joe Rogan: “Especially rich coming from the guy who was pushing false narratives”

Ariel Helwani is responding to criticism from UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

The two very popular YouTube podcasters, Ariel Helwani on ‘The MMA Hour’ and Joe Rogan on  ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ are apparently coming to heads.

Rogan, 55, insinuated that Helwani asked leading questions of his guests with the hope that fighters will give him interesting quotes.

Joe Rogan, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr.

Helwani took notice of what Joe Rogan said on his podcast, and spoke out on ‘The MMA Hour‘ about the narrative that he (Helwani) ‘likes to get people to say things’:

“It’s especially rich coming from the guy who was pushing false narratives, and false information, and fake information, and all kinds of nonsense over the past two years to the point where people were demanding that he get dropped from Spotify, which I never agreed with. But I mean, that’s rich. Of course, we know what the history is with Joe. He’s Dana’s boy, he’s always going to have his back.”

Continuing Ariel Helwani said:

“At least I ask people questions about topics that I’m somewhat well versed in, as opposed to you know, someone who sits in front of his guests and pretends to know more about a topic when they’re talking to an expert and pretends to be interested about the topic. Now I’m going on and on about something that I don’t really want to go on and on about but that is a weird comment. That is a really weird comment. ‘Ariel Helwani likes to get people to say things,’ I mean, yes, I do. I like when people say things to me, that would be an answer to a question. But other than that, I’m not really sure what he’s referring to.”

Concluding the MMA journalist said:

“I guess he (Rogan) was trying to say that I get people to say things, to create controversy or headlines or any kind of nonsense. Meanwhile I have nothing to do with any of that.”

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