UFN 87 Results: Nikita Krylov defeats Francimar Barroso via submission

A light heavyweight bout between Nikita Krylov (20-4 MMA) and Francimar Barroso (18-5 MMA) took place at today’s UFC Fight Night 87 event in Rotterdam.

Round one begins and the pair of light heavyweights immediately begin trading leather. They clinch and Krylov lands some good knees. Barroso is searching for a takedown but Krylov is not having it. Nikita is searching for a single leg. It’s not there. He lands some shoulder strikes and then some knees on Barroso. They break and Barroso throws out some wild punches. Good uppercut from Barroso. He shoots in for a takedown and eventually gets it. Krylov fights his way back up but eats another uppercut for his troubles. Nikita would land a nice combo finished by a head kick to end round one.

Round two begins and Krylov lands a big combination to start. He presses Barroso against the fence and begins working for a takedown. He gets it. Krylov gets caught with an upkick from Barroso. He eats it and continues on. The Russian moves to side control but Barroso scrambles and works his way back to guard. Krylov with some shots from the top. He takes the back of Barroso and sinks in a rear-naked choke. Barroso is forced to tap and this one is over.

Nikita Krylov defeats Francimar Barroso via submission at 3:11 of round 2

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