UFC Fight Night 96 Results: John Lineker defeats John Dodson via split-decision

By Chris Taylor - October 1, 2016

A key bantamweight bout between John Lineker and John Dodson served as the main event of UFC Fight Night 96 tonight in Portland, Oregon.

Round one begins and Lineker takes the center of the octagon and lands a leg kick. Dodson fires back with one of his own. Another big leg kick scores for Lineker. Dodson circles and lands a hard outside leg kick. Lineker misses with a front kick. John Lineker throws a jab to the body and Dodson fires back with a kick to the body. The men trade strikes. Lineker is walking forward here. Dodson lands a high kick but Lineker eats it. A big left hook scores for Lineker. 30 seconds remain. Dodson scores a trip but Lineker pops right back up. A nice front kick lands for Dodson. Lineker leaps in with a flying knee and then a short hook to close out round one.

Round two begins and both fighters lands low kicks to start. They trade kicks again. Lineker is looking to close the distance but Dodson is keep him on the outside. A nice kick lands for Dodson. Lineker presses forward with punches but none find a home. Lineker lands a knee but Dodson counters with a big left. Lineker taunts Dodson for running. He chases Dodson down and lands a left. Dodson fires off with a kick that hits Lineker in the groin and he drops. The referee steps in to let Lineker recover. We restart and Lineker lands a nice left hook. He goes to the body of Dodson. The Magician fires back with an uppercut. He comes in and lands a combination. Lineker fires back with a combo of his own that ends in a left hook. Dodson lands a high kick to end round two.

Round three begins and Dodson throws a kick but gets countered with a left to the body. Dodson circles away and lands a leg kick. Lineker presses forward with a combo. Both men stand and trade wildly. Lineker with a hard shot to the body. The fighters stand and trade in the pocket again. This style should favor Lineker. He presses forward and lands another left hook. Dodson is circling away now. He stops and presses forward with a combo that lands. Lineker fires back and lands a big right hand. Dodson moves away. Lineker comes forward and lands another big right hand. Dodson shoots for a takedown but it is not there. He lands a kick on Lineker to end round three.

Round four begins and Lineker lands a left hand while Dodson replies with a kick to the body. Lineker returns fire with a low kick. Dodson circles but the fighters meet and exchange against the cage. Dodson circles away. He comes in and lands a solid left hand. Dodson with a leg kick, Lineker returns fire with a left hook. Dodson shoot in for a takedown and almost gets it. Lineker presses forward but misses with a hook. Dodson circles away and the crowd boos. Lineker presses him against the fence and lands some big shots. He is chasing Dosdson all over the cage. Huge shots from Lineker. Dodson lands a kick to the body. And another. Lineker goes to the body with a hook. He presses forward and lands a leg kick. Dodson counters with a right as round four comes to an end.

Round five begins and Lineker lands a front kick to start. Dodson fires back with a punch. Lineker continues to press forward but he eats a kick. Lineker is back to chasing Dodson around the cage here. He is swinging haymakers but Dodson lands a nice counter hook. The fighters trade kicks. Lineker scores with a jab. He continues to press forward. He lands a left hook. Dodson fires a kick upstairs. He is sticking and moving well here as Lineker looks to be slowing down. Two minutes remain and the fighters stand and trade. Lineker lands a big combo and then a right hook. Dodson fires back with a huge shot that staggers Lineker. Dodson lands a nice combo and then scores a takedown. He takes the back of Lineker. Lineker shakes him off and Dodson lands a head kick. Lineker presses forward with body shots. The horn sounds to end round five.


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