UFC Fight Night 95 Results: Michel Prazeres defeats Gilbert Burns

By Chris Taylor - September 24, 2016

A lightweight scrap between Gilbert Burns and Michel Prazeres served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 95 prelims in Brazil.

Round one begins and Burns lands a low kick but Prazeres catches his leg and pushes him to the floor. Burns stands back up and Prazeres catches him with a right hand followed by a low kick. Both men trade leg kicks. They start swinging wildly. Prazeres lands a right hand, but Burns fires back with one of his own. Michel kicks to the leg, and Burns counters with a right hand. Burns scores a low blow and we break. We restart and Burns lands a low kick. Prazeres replies with one of his won. Burns with a nice knee to the body. Prazeres fires off with some big punches. They’re not all landing but some do. Prazeres with a trip but he backs away. Burns gets up. He misses over the top with a high kick. Burns with another high kick that partially connects. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Burns lands a shot to the body. He lands a low blow and the referee steps in to stop the bout while Michel recovers. Prazeres presses forward and throws a flying knee. He just misses Burns with a right hand. Gilbert lands a second low blow and once again there is a break in the action. We restart and Burns lands a kick to the body. Prazeres is pressing the action here. Burns is circling but does not seem eager to engage. A hard leg kick lands for Michel. Burns fires back with a jab. He shoots in but cannot land a takedown. Michel with a big leg kick. Gilbert presses forward with a jab. Prazeres with another big leg kick. The fighters trade punches. Burns shoots in and gets deep on a takedown attempt but Michel uses an excellent sprawl to defend. The fighters exchange strikes to end round two.

Round three begins and Prazeres presses forward and lands some big shots. He follows up with another combination and Burns goes down. Gilbert tries to bait Michel to the ground but Prazeres says no and tell him to stand up. Burns is up and Michel lands a flying knee. He is circling and firing shots at Gilbert. Burns presses forward with a combo but misses with the strikes. One minute remains. Burns with a leg kick. Michel returns fire with one of his own. Gilbert misses with a front kick and then a high kick. The fighters exchange body kicks. Burns presses forward and throws some bombs. Michel ducks the punches and lands a takedown to end round three.


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