VIDEO | UFC Fight Night 95 Results: Erick Silva submits Luan Chagas

A welterweight bout between Erick Silva and Luan Chagas kicked off tonight’s UFC Fight Night 95 prelims on FS1.

Round one was a back and forth affair which saw Luan Chagas drop Erick Silva early with a leaping left hook.

The Brazilian was able to mount a comeback late in the round, dropping Chagas with a right hook and then landing some ground and pound to close out the frame.

Round two begins and Chagas lands a low blow to start. Silva is given some time to recover and we restart. Chagas shoots in but Silva scrambles and winds up in top position. He lands some short shots. He steps up and throws some heavy shots on his downed opponent. Chages scrambles but Silva is able to take his back. That position is short lived, as Chagas scrambles and gets back to his feet. Chagas comes forward with punches and drops Silva. He follows Erick to the ground and rains down some heavy elbows. He moves to mount and unloads some big shots. He has one of Erick’s arms trapped and drops some shots to the body. Chagas is in full mount and transitions for an armbar. Erick pulls out of the submission and winds up on top. Silva with some short shots from full guard. Chagas scrambles and Silva takes his back. Erick looks for a submission attempt but round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Silva lands a left jab to start. Chagas misses with a high kick. Erick lands another stiff jab. Chagas fires back with a kick to the body. Both fighters miss with attempted strikes. Silva lands a body kick. Chagas shoots in and scores a takedown but Silva bounces right back up. Chagas presses Silva against the cage. The referee steps in a breaks them up rather quickly. Silva lands a nice uppercut and then a low kick. Chagas misses with a spinning back fist. Silva lands another solid jab and then another. Chagas lands a jab of his own. Both men trade punches. Two minutes remain. Chagas lands a big right hand. Silva looks rocked. He backs up and Luan chases after him. Chagas gets countered. Erick Silva jumps on Luan and locks in a rear-naked choke almost immediately. Chagas is forced to tapout. This one is over.

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