UFC Fight Night 95 Results: Alan Patrick defeats Stevie Ray

By Chris Taylor - September 24, 2016

A lightweight bout between Alan Patrick and Stevie Ray served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 95 fight pass prelims in Brazil.

Round one begins and Patrick shoots in and scores an early takedown. Ray pops right back up to his feet. He grabs Patrick and turns him against the cage. Alan switches the position and scores a trip-takedown. Ray fights his way back to his feet but Patrick has him wrapped up. He drags Ray back down but Stevie scrambles and winds up in full mount. Ray shoots for an armbar and has it locked in. Patrick is in trouble but appears to be slowly escaping the hold. He breaks free from the armbar and presses Ray against the cage. They scramble and Patrick ends up in top position and begins working from full guard. Patrick is able to move to half guard. Ray is firing off shots from the bottom. Patrick steps over and gets to side control. Ray quickly scrambles back to full guard. Alan fires a big elbow from the top. He lands anther solid shot this time a punch. He advances to half guard. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Patrick immediately shoots in for a takedown. Ray defends at first but eventually is dragged to the ground. Patrick advances quickly to half guard. He begins working some short elbows. The fighters battle for position. Ray attempts a sweep but it doesn’t land. Patrick is still working from half guard. Alan lands some nice short punches. Ray scrambles and gets back to full guard. Another scramble and Patrick takes the back of Ray. Stevie once again scrambles and gets back to full guard. The referee is calling for action now. He steps in and stands the fighters up. Ray lands a jab. He shoots in and scores a takedown. He immediately takes the back of Patrick and locks in a body triangle. Shorts shots from Stevie. He has Alan’s arm trapped in the body triangle. This is a bad spot for Patrick. He’s eating shots but round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and the fighters touch gloves. Ray presses forward. Patrick counters with a big left. He shoots in and takes Ray down. Alan he Stevie’s back but Ray is working on a kneebar. He lets go of the submission attempt and Patrick winds up in full guard. Shorts shot from the top by Patrick. Ray is holding on hoping for a stand up. He lands a shot from his back on Alan. Patrick fires back with some short shots of his own. Patrick is smothering Ray but is not landing much. Stevie is looking for a kimura now. Patrick works some shots to Ray’s body. He switches to a kimura attempt of his own. Patrick has a good hold here but needs to get Ray’s arm away from the cage to pull off the submission. Stevie defends. 45 seconds remain. Patrick gives up on the sub and works some short shots. He goes back for another kimura attempt. Round three comes to an end.


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