UFC 205 Results: Frankie Edgar defeats Jeremy Stephens (highlights)

Frankie Edgar

A key featherweight tilt between former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar (21-5-1) and knockout artist Jeremy Stephens (25-13) served as the featured bout of tonight’s UFC 205 prelims in New York.

Round one begins and Stephens throws a left jab to start. He misses with a leg kick. Frankie is utilizing his fantastic footwork early. He shoots for a takedown but Jeremy stuffs the attempt. “Lil Heathen” with a nice leg kick. Edgar again shoots in for a takedown but it is not there. Good start for Stephens. Frankie pumps a double jab and then throws a leg kick. Jeremy just misses with a knee. Frankie shoots in for another takedown attempt but once again Stephens defends. Frankie has a single leg and uses it to pick Stephens up and slam him down. Jeremy pops right back up. Edgar is still all over him though. Jeremy breaks free and takes the center of the octagon. He lands a nice kick to the body. Edgar with a jab but misses with a follow up leg kick. Stephens returns fire with a head kick that misses. A nice jab scores for Frankie. Jeremy misses with a front kick. A nice right hand lands for Stephens. Frankie with a jab. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Edgar attempts a takedown but it is not there. A nice kick scores for Stephens. Edgar punches him low and we break. Upon the restart Frankie lands a nice right hand. He scores another one. He is slipping in and out well here. Edgar with a leg kick. He presses forward and lands a combination. He gets a hold of Stephens and slams him down. Jeremy quickly gets back up to his feet. Frankie connects with another sharp right hand. Stephens paws with his jab but Frankie responds with a combo that lands. Edgar shoots in for a takedown. Stephens lands a head kick that drops Edgar! He follows that up with a knee. Edgar gets up but is in all sorts of trouble. He is circling away from Stephens. Jeremy catches him with another solid shot this time a punch. Frankie shoots in and scores a takedown. He grabs a hold of a guillotine. Stephens escapes but Edgar is on top and in side control. Edgar moves to mount and lands some big ground and pound to end round two.

Round three begins and Stephens lands a short left hook. Frankie misses with a high kick. Stephens throws a kick but Frankie catches it and takes him to the floor. That was a big mistake for Jeremy. He begins landing some brutal elbows from the bottom. He switches to a kimura attempt. Frankie defends by landing some brutal elbows to the body from the top. Edgar looks for the mount but instead takes the back. Stephens is trying to stand up but Frankie threatens with a rear-naked choke. Jeremy does get back up but Edgar slams him right back down. Stephens scrambles back to his feet and lands a hard left hand. He is head hunting now. Frankie shoots in for a takedown but Jeremy defends. Edgar with a nice jab. Stephens with a counter left. He misses with an uppercut. Frankie with a body-head combo. He circles away. Stephens is chasing him down. He lands a body shot on Edgar. The fighters trade punches as the horn sounds to end round three.

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