UFC 199 Results: Polo Reyes defeats Dong Hyun Kim via knockout

A lightweight bout between Polo Reyes (6-2 MMA) and Dong Hyun Kim (13-8-3 MMA) kicked off tonight’s UFC 199 event in Los Angeles.

Round one begins and Ryes throws a right hand that misses. Nice left hands from both fighters. Kim pushes forward with strikes. Reyes lands a nice left. Kim replies with a huge left hook counter of his own. Kim connects with another left and then clinches Reyes against the fence. Reyes lands a big elbow that drops Kim. Dong gets back to his feet but eats a huge right hand. These guys are trading huge shots. A big left hand lands for Reyes and drops Kim. Reyes follows him to the ground and begins working from full guard. Kim is back up and once again the fighters start swinging wildy. Kim lands a knee. He’s coming forward with no regard for his safety. Reyes lands a hook. Kim shoots in and tries for a takedown. He has Reyes pressed against the cage and drags him down to the floor. Reyes gets back to his feet. The fighters clinch and the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Reyes lands a right hand and then a kick to the body. Nice jabs land for both fighters. Reyes comes forward with a combination. Nice inside leg kick from Reyes. Kim with a jab but he eats a counter right. Nice left hook lands for Reyes. Kim presses forward and lands a nice left hook of his own. Reyes with some good shots to the body. Both fighters land good left hands. Reyes with a high kick. Kim with a huge left hand that hurts Reyes. The fighters clinch and Reyes lands a knee. Big uppercut from Kim lands flush. These guys are throwing down. Kim with a stiff left. Reyes with a right. Kim charges forward but eats a big right. Reyes has him hurt. Kim shoots in and eventually scores a takedown. Reyes gets back to his feet quickly and lands a nice combo. Big shots land for Reyes. Kim continues to walk forward. He is eating some big right hands. Kim presses Reyes against the cage and goes for a takedown. He doesn’t get it and falls to the ground. Reyes jumps in to his guard and the horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Reyes throws a right hand to start. Kim avoids the shot but eats a kick. Another nice leg kick from Reyes. A nice left hook scores for Kim. He follows that up with two good low kicks. Nice leg kick lands for Reyes. Kim fires back with a jab. Reyes lands a kick to the body. Huge right hand lands for Reyes and drops Kim. He rushes in with a punch to his grounded opponent and this one is over.

Polo Reyes defeats Dong Hyun Kim via knockout at 1:52 of round three

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