UFC 198 Results: Bryan Barberena defeats Warlley Alves via decision

By Chris Taylor - May 14, 2016

A lightweight bout between Warlley Alves (10-1 MMA) and Bryan Barberena (12-3 MMA) kicked off the UFC 198 par-per-view card in Curitiba, Brazil.

Round one begins and Alves charges forward and gets a hold of Barberena’s neck. He locks in a guillotine choke and it is tight. Barberena looks to be in trouble but is somehow able to scramble and wind up in top position. Alves gets back to his feet and lands a good body kick followed by a right hand. Alves with a good shot to the body of Barberena from the clinch. Barberena responds with a nice right hand. Alves misses with a high kick. Excellent body kick lands for Warlley. Barberena with a good inside leg kick and then another. Alves comes forward and lands an uppercut. Good elbow from the clinch by Barberena. The fighters break and Bryan lands a kick. He comes forward with punches. Alves with an elbow. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Barberena lands a nice one-two combo. Alves presses forward and lands a kick to the body. Big right hand from Alves and then another. Barberena with a nice counter left hook. He comes forward with a kick and Alves replies with a right hand. Warlley retreats. Barberena comes forward but eats a couple of jabs for his efforts. Bryan presses Alves against the fence. They break. Alves is circling and looking up at the clock. He lands a nice body kick. Barberena is coming forward with punches. He lands some nice shots before round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Alves is able to land a stiff jab. Barberena slips and Alves takes him down briefly. The fighters begin working in the clinch. Bryan presses Alves up against the fence. He works some knees and then scores a trip. Barberena with a nice leg kick. Alves misses with an uppercut. Another nice kick from Bryan. Barberena with a good combination. Alves throws a flying knee. Bryan answers with an elbow from the clinch. Alves with a knee inside. Bryan replies with one of his own. Alves with a body kick. The fighters begin trading shots. Big left from Bryan. Alves with a right. Bryan with two more big shots. Alves with a jab. Nice body shots from both men. Bryan comes forward with strikes. Alves with a body kick. Barberena with more punches in bunches. Alves with a nice left hook. Big shots from both men. Bryan lands a nice combo. Alves comes forward with strikes. Solid finish to this fight. We go to the judges scorecards.

Bryan Barberena defeats Warlley Alves via decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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UFC 198 Results