UFC 198 Results: Demian Maia dominates and submits Matt Brown

By Chris Taylor - May 14, 2016

A key welterweight scrap between top contenders Demian Maia (23-6 MMA) and Matt Brown (20-14 MMA) headlined the UFC 198 prelims in Curitiba, Brazil.

demian Maia wins

Round one begins and Maia presses forward and tries a takedown. Brown stuffs it. Maia shoots in again and this time lands a double leg takedown. Brown pushes himself up against the fence and tries to stand up. Demian takes his back. Brown is on his feet but Maia is on his back. Demian locks his hooks in. This is not good for Matt. Brown falls to the floor and Maia stays on his back and locks in a body triangle. He begins landing some shots on Brown. Two minutes remain. Maia is trying to lock-up a rear-naked choke. He gives it up and starts landing some shots. Brown is defending well. Maia still has the body triangle locked in. Matt scrambles and winds up in top position. Twenty seconds remain. Brown is in full guard and round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Brown comes forward with punches. Maia shoots in but Brown stuffs the takedown. Maia shoots in again and presses Brown against the fence. Demian drags Brown down to the floor. Brown scrambles but gives up his back. Matt is standing but Maia is locked on his back with both hooks in. Brown goes to the floor and Maia locks in another body triangle. Demian begins landing some good shots. Brown is looking at the referee but this fight is not getting stood up with Maia on his back like this. More shots from Maia. Hammer fists and punches from the Brazilian. Maia looks for the rear-naked choked. Brown defends well. One minute to go and Maia looks to secure the rear-naked choke again. Matt is not letting it happen. Good short elbows from Maia. Demian scrambles for an armbar. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Brown charges forward. Maia tries to shoot in but his takedown attempt is denied by Brown. Good left from Maia. Big shot from Brown drops Maia. Brown jumps in to his guard but Maia is able to scramble and eventually wind up in top position. Matt pushes himself against the fence and tries to stand up but Demian is not allowing it. Maia turns Brown away from the fence and flattens him out. Brown gets back to guard. Matt scrambles and gets up but Maia takes his back. Brown drops down to a knee as Maia locks in yet another body triangle. Maia is looking for a rear-naked choke. He begins landing some right hands to the face of Brown. More shots from Maia. Brown fires back with some short strikes of his own. Forty seconds remain. Maia locks in the rear-naked choke. Brown taps out it is all over.

Maia defeats Brown via submission (rear-naked choke) in round three


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