UFC 196 Results: Darren Elkins defeats Chas Skelly via decision

By Chris Taylor - March 5, 2016

A featherweight bout between Darren Elkins (20-5 MMA) and Chas Skelly (15-2 MMA) kicked off the UFC 196 prelims on Fox Sports 1.

Round one begins and Skelly lands a good shot to the body and then a big left hand. Elkins grabs a hold of Skelly and presses him up against the fence. Good knees and elbows by Elkins from the clinch. Skelly breaks free and lands some big shots on Elkins. Darren is bleeding but lands a takedown. Skelly grabs a leg and starts attempting a heel hook. It’s deep but Elkins breaks free. Another good leg lock attempt by Skelly but Darren is able to fight it off. They are back to their feet and Elkins lands a front kick and follows up with some great uppercuts. Skelly clinches up but it is Darren who is landing the better knees from the position. They separate and Skelly lands a good hook before being pressed up against the fence by Elkins. That is how round one ends.

Round two begins and Skelly misses with a front kick to the head but follows up well with a left hand. Elkins is pressing forward and scores a good right. Darren picks Skelly up and slams him down to the canvas. Chas was almost able to take Elkins back on a scramble, but Darren managed to wind up in top position. Elkins with some solid ground and pound from the top. He moves to side control and traps an arm. Big lefts from Darren are landing clean. Skelly is working to get up but Elkins is battering him with knees to the body. Chas gets back to his feet but Darren has a body lock. Good knee to the face from Elkins. He takes Skelly back down to the mat. One minute remaining in round two. Good elbows from Elkins from the half guard position. Skelly is trying to fight back but Elkins is relentless. Darren is landing some serious elbows and right hands from the top. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Skelly was told by his corner that he needs to finish this fight. Elkins with some good shots to start and then drags Skelly down to the floor. Darren takes the back of Skelly but Chas is able to scramble and get back to his feet. Skelly looks tired but he is pressing forward. He lands a good left hand. Elkins responds with a solid right hand. Big kick to the body and then a big slam by Darren. Elkins is looking to lock in the choke but can’t do it. Skelly scrambles and once again returns to his feet. Big shots from both fighters to end round three.

Darren Elkins defeats Chas Skelly via decision (30-27, 29-27, 30-26)

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