UFC 196 Results: Miesha Tate submits Holm in round five

By Chris Taylor - March 5, 2016

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm (10-1 MMA) squared off with former Strikeforce title holder Miesha Tate (18-5 MMA) in the co-main event of tonight’s UFC 196 per-per-view card in Las Vegas.

Miesha Tate

Round one begins and there is a bit of a feeling out process. Holm with a front kick. Holly lands a jab and then a front kick. Tate throws a kick that misses. Miesha catches a Holm kick and trie for takedown but doesn’t get it. Holly with some lead left hands. Nice combo scores for Holm. Stiff left jab lands for Holly. Another font kick from Holm and then a lead left. Tate with a body kick. Nice front kick to the body by Holm. Nice left hand scores for Tate. She leads forward but misses with a punch. High kick partially lands for Holly. Round one comes to end.

Round two begins and Miesha uses some movement to land a big takedown. She moves immediately to side control. Holm gets back to half guard. Good elbow lands for Tate and then another. Good right hand from Miesha. Hard elbows to the body from Tate, she’s landing some good ground and pound. Holm is trying to get up but Miesha is battering her with elbows. Tate moves to the back of Holm. Miesha is trying to lock up a rear-naked choke. It is deep but Holly is fighting through. Round two comes to an end. Big round for Tate.

Round three begins and Holm opens up with a good jab. Holly follows that up with front kick that partially lands. Miesha is looking to set up the takedown. Holly lands a leg kick. Tate lands a knee but Holly counters with a right cross. Holly misses with a left and Miesha shoots in but can’t land the takedown. Nice body shot from Holm. She goes upstairs with a high kick but Tate blocks. Miesha is trying to change levels but Holm is not letting her inside. Good kick from Holm and then another. Miesha shoots in for a takedown but it is telegraphed. The fighters exchange kicks before the horn sounds to end round three.

Round four begins and Tate is trying to use level changes to get inside on Holm. Holly throws a front kick. Nice body kick from Holm lands flush. Good leg kick from Holm but Tate catches it and shoots in. holly stuff the takedown attempt and throws Miesha against the cage. Holm utilizing knees from the clinch and then breaks free. She leads with a jab. Miesha responds with a left hook. Holly is working her jab. Holm with another good front kick. Miesha shoots for a takedown but is stuffed by Holm. Nice combination lands for Holly. Good right hand from Holm as Miesha attempts to shoot in. Good high kick form Holm followed by a jab. Another nice left lands for Holm as round four comes to an end.

Round five begins and Holm and Tate exchange jabs. Holly with a nice front kick to the leg of Tate. Miesha responds with back-to-back kicks. Holly responds with some good kicks of her own. Tate shoots in but there is nothing there. Holm is keeping Miesha on the outside with kicks and an effective jab. Holm misses with a left and Tate shoots in for a takedown. Holly stuffs the attempt. Tate with a good body kick. Nice side kick and then a backfist from Holm. Good shot to the body by Tate. Holly responds with a jab. Miesha gets the takedown and instantly takes Holm’s back. She locks in the rear-naked choke. Holm won’t tap and goes to sleep!

Miesha Tate submits Holly Holm via rear-naked choke in round 5

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