UFC Fight Night 107 Results: Marlon Vera TKO’s Brad Pickett (VIDEO)

UFC Fight Night 107 Results: Brad Pickett vs. Marlon Vera

A bantamweight scrap between Brad Pickett and Marlon Vera took place at today’s UFC Fight Night 107 event in London, England.

Round one begins and the fighters touch gloves. Vera lands a low kick and then Pickett fires off a right hand. Marlon avoids the punch and then circles out and lands a body kick. Another good body kick scores for Vera. Pickett presses forward and pushes Vera against the cage. He picks Marlon up and slams him down to the canvas. Pickett working from side control position. Vera is able to scramble free and get back to his feet. Brad chases after him and lands a right. Marlon circles out and lands a low kick. Pickett continues to utilize forward pressure and throws a left hand. Vera responds with a body kick. Pickett eats it and comes forward with a combination. He follows that up with a pair of low kicks. Vera replies with a nice knee. He attempts another but Pickett catches him with a left hook that sends Marlon crashing to the floor. He quickly pops back to his feet however. Vera circles away from some Pickett strikes and then lands a body kick. Brad continues to press forward but fails with an attempted takedown. Vera lands a nice knee and then a kick. Another good front kick scores for Vera. Pickett closes out the opening round with a nice straight right hand.

Round two begins and Vera land a nice low kick to start. Pickett presses forward but eats a knee from Marlon. Vera circles out and the lands another low kick. He catches Pickett with a knee and then a low kick. Brad presses forward and throws a left hook. He presses Vera against the cage and then scores a takedown. Pickett is in half guard but Vera quickly transitions to full guard. Pickett with a nice elbow. Brad is working some decent short shots from the top here but Vera is maintaining the full guard position. Pickett has Marlon presses against the fence but is not doing much damage. He postures up and lands a punch. Vera replies with some up-kicks. He uses those strikes to get back to his feet. Marlon with a nice left hand and then another. Pickett misses with an attempted low kick. Vera connects with a pair of his own. Pickett leaps in with a right but it doesn’t find the mark. Vera lands a nice high kick as Pickett presses the action. Brad continues to press forward and lands an elbow inside. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Vera comes forward with a high kick. Pickett walks through it and throw a combination. Vera is utilizing a lot of pressure here. He connects with a pair of body kicks. Brad fires back with a low kick. Vera with a left hand and Brad misses with a counter right. Pickett moves forward and lands a left. Vera with a front kick to the body and then another. He connects with a hard inside low kick. Pickett charges forward but eats a combination. Another nice left hand scores for Vera. Pickett fires back with a left hand. Marlon responds with a low kick and then circles away. Brad eats a hard leg kick while coming in. Vera connects with a follow up left hand. He is doing very well in this third and final round. Pickett misses with a big left. Vera circles and then fires off two nice leg kicks. Ninety seconds remain. Marlon eats a low kick and then a jab. He circles out and then floors Brad Pickett with a head kick. He comes in with a hard hammer fist and this one is all over. WOW!

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