UFC 213 Results: Thiago Santos TKO’s Gerald Meerschaert (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - July 8, 2017

UFC 213 Results: Gerald Meerschaert vs. Thiago Santos

Thiago Santos

A welterweight scrap between Gerald Meerschaert and Thiago Santos took place during tonight’s UFC 213 prelims in Las Vegas.

Round one begins and Meerschaert comes forward with a left hand that misses the mark. Santos lands a huge leg kick but Meerschaert shoots in and takes it to the floor. Santos gets right back up but eats a left. Gerald continues to put on the pressure. He scores another takedown against the fence. Again, Santos is quick to get back up to his feet. The fighters engage in the clinch. Santos pours on the offense. He drops Meerschaert to the floor and jumps on him with punches. Santos eventually opts to posture up and tells Gerald to stand back up. Thiago pumps a jab and accidently (we assume?) proceeds to poke Gerald in the eye. Upon restart, Santos lands a big left hand and then a low kick. Gerald presses forward but eats a body kick. Just over a minutes remains. Gerald charges forward but misses with a left. Santos throwing high kicks now. He misses but connects with a follow up left hand. Santos charges forward with a combination. Meerschaert circles off the cage and then lands a kick to the body of Thiago. Santos fires right back with a low kick. Gerald dives in for a takedown attempt but the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Gerald attempts a takedown but Santos is able to stuff the attempt. Thiago with a punch. Gerald shoots in again but comes up short. Thiago begins tagging him with strikes from the top. He jumps on Gerald and begins raining down shots. The referee is close to stopping this. Santos with more shots. Somehow Gerald is able to get back to his feet. Santos quickly drags him back down to the floor and starts raining down more punishment. This one is all over.

Santos wins via second-round TKO

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