Tony Ferguson and Daniel Cormier go off on each other on Twitter

By Russell Ess - October 10, 2017

Being a fighter and commentator in the UFC can sometimes put you in an odd position as calling the fights might strain the relationship you have with some of your fellow fighters.

Daniel Cormier Tony Ferguson

This seems to be the case with Daniel Cormier, who commentated the UFC 216 broadcast and apparently Tony Ferguson who fought Kevin Lee in the main event did not like what Cormier had to say during the broadcast. Ferguson won the UFC interim lightweight title by submitting Lee with a triangle choke in the third round and then fired some tweets at D.C. while interacting with a bunch of  fellow Twitter users on Monday

Tony Ferguson

Ferguson: When U Expect A Face Slap & Your Coach Has Too Much Respect To Not Touch Your Face- 😂 WTF lol *Mack* To The Chest

Fan: The face you make when you run out of pizza rolls

Ferguson: Looks Like @dc_mma 😎✌️

Fan: He’d Ankle Pick You! 😎

Cormier: What’s ur deal?

Ferguson: If He Had A Hard Time With @TeamKhabib WTF Do You Think Ol’e Hater Is Gonna Do To A Guy Like Me… Fuckin’ Casual. #AnklePick

Ferguson: Once A Hater… Always A Hater… I Can See Right Through You Fake. @USAWrestling 4L GVSU

Cormier: What are u talking about u weird idiot!

Ferguson: @dc_mma #Towel7 @eddiebravo

Ferguson: I Don’t Like Fake. I Enjoyed Your Commentary At #UFC216

Fan: Post fight comments denying Tony a title shot were hugely disrespectful and misplaced from a guy who should know better.

Cormier: If you would have listened I told you what I thought would happen at the same time saying that it’s not what should happen but would. Iisten

Cormier: How am I fake? I have had very limited interactions with you. I thought I called ur fight to the best of my ability.

Ferguson: Anything For Likes & Retweets… I See U dc

Cormier: @TonyFergusonXT ur an idiot bud. Seriously ur over here worried about me. Celebrate ur accomplishment god knows it’s the biggest u have had

Ferguson: And The Towel… WTF Was That dc Damn Shame

Ferguson: @dc_mma @USAWrestling I See You Avoided The #Towel7 Question… WTF Was That…. Atleast @MoTownPhenom Worked His Off

Cormier: Ur an idiot. I’ll see u at FOX

Fan: What happened to @TonyFergusonXT setting an example and not having to talk shit? That seems like all he’s doing now.

Ferguson: Casual, I Call It GIFWarS Play Along Or Move Along. Too Advanced For a The Likes Of You.

Fan: @TheNotoriousMMA vs @TonyFergusonXT is gonna be a fucking fight too bad your gonna be crying just like the @MoTownPhenom was Saturday!

Ferguson: Why U Gotta Be That Guy. @dc_mma did nothing to u.

Ferguson: #CanWeGetARealJournistHere @dc_mma Then What You Fake. #TryMe

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