Cody Garbrandt – TJ Dillashaw beef reaches new heights as Dillashaw’s mother gets involved

TJ Dillashaw

Bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt and former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw used to train together at Team Alpha Male. Now, they don’t. Instead, they seem to share a real, reciprocal disdain for one another – a disdain that will come to a head when they battle for the divisional title at UFC 213 this July.

Before they battle for gold at UFC 213, Garbrandt and Dillashaw are serving as rival coaches on the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter. This platform, when paired with the power of social media, is giving them ample opportunity to take their beef to new heights.

On Wednesday morning, their war of words continued. Their latest skirmish, like so many before it, occurred on Twitter.

First, Garbrandt shared a comment that Dillashaw’s mother posted to Instagram, suggesting that the “snake” nickname Dillashaw was involuntarily given by Conor McGregor could actually be viewed in a positive light. Garbrandt was quick to share this comment to his Twitter, lambasting Mrs. Dillashaw for praising her son for being a snake.

This then prompted Dillashaw to return fire at Garbrandt, criticizing him for using a “yo mamma” joke, suggesting his doing so was immature.

“Keep the mothers out of this,” Dillashaw said in his Tweet.

While mothers appear to be off limits for Dillashaw, fathers are not. Earlier this week, on the UFC Unfiltered podcast, Dillashaw took a jab at Garbrandt, saying Garbrandt should sell their infamous training footage and give the profits to a charity for kids without fathers.

I could care less what happened then,” Dillashaw said. “I get to make, on pay-per-view, some footage of me beating Cody’s ass that the world’s going to see. I’m going to make a lot more than him selling [the KO footage] to TMZ.”

Release the footage,” he said. “The charity should be  something for kids without fathers so they don’t grow up to act like Cody.”

So there you have it. In this heated TJ Dillashaw – Cody Garbrandt beef, not even mothers and fathers are safe.

This article first appeared on on 4/26/2017.

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