Shane Carwin: ‘I’d like to get the belt . . . or just beat up Brock Lesnar again’

By Russell Ess - May 24, 2016

Former UFC interim heavyweight champion Shane Carwin has been busy with his newly established fighter management company. However, after suffering from repeated injuries and retiring, his competitive nature is still burning inside.

ufc heavyweight title fight

“[I struggled with retirement] every day,” Carwin said in an interview with “I did not do everything I wanted. I think about it constantly. When I watch the Heavyweights, I am seeing myself in the ring. Then I board a jet and enter a board room trying to close company executives.

“After my failed NFL bid, after going from a top draft pick to not a draft pick, I missed competing. I went from not being good enough to play pro sports, to winning a national title and pinning my opponent in the finals. I then went on to beat some of the best athletes in the world. I have no regrets, but I would love one more run.”

Carwin says that he is still thinking about making a comeback to the UFC with a goal or two in mind.

“I am rehabbing and pretty much recovered,” Carwin said. “I am pondering a comeback. I just need the right motivation or opponent. I’d like to get the belt and retire after defending it. Or just beat up Brock again.

“I still compete with the best of them and could beat any of them.”

Would you like to see Shane Carwin return to fight in the UFC? Share your thoughts on a return for Carwin in the UFC heavyweight division in the comment section.

Video | Mark Hunt
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Shane Carwin