Bryan Barberena pissed off with Sage Northcutt and his excuses for losing

By Russell Ess - February 3, 2016

We said it in our piece featuring Sage Northcutt talking about his loss to Bryan Barberena at UFC on FOX 18. Many people do not like to hear excuses on why a fighter lost. No other person in the world should be more upset about excuses than the competitor that beat the fighter trying to explain the reasoning behind losing.

Sage Northcutt

Bryan Barberena spoke about his win, and how the excuses from Northcutt are upsetting him (transcribed by MMA Fighting):

“I feel like he’s trying to take away what I’ve done,” Barberena said. “Trying to put down that I beat him, like it was only because of this. In one article I saw, he said the choke wasn’t what made him tap. It was that he couldn’t breathe, because he was congested. No, he couldn’t breathe because I was choking him. That’s why.

“I can’t help but take it as just excuses, him coming out and saying things. Even if they really did happen, like he did go to the doctor or whatever, it is what it is. He made the decision to step in there. We all have things. We all have injuries we go into the fight with. I had my own things that I went into the fight with that I’m not going to discuss or anything. Some people like to go out and talk about it, and some people don’t. I think it’s just an excuse to pretty much take away what I did, in a way. That’s how I feel. I feel almost a little disrespected, how I’m not getting the credit that I deserve for beating him.

Barberena says that he is willing to do the fight again to prove that it wasn’t a fluke.

“With that said, I’m fine to do it again anytime. It doesn’t matter to me. I see the same thing happening every time.”

Despite the sting of Northcutt’s excuses, Barberena had good things to say about the young 19-year-old fighter.

“For the people who were excited, hopefully you were excited for me, I guess. But for most of it, it seemed like they were excited just that he lost and giving him a hard time, and I don’t agree with that necessarily. Giving him a hard time and saying mean things to him, I don’t agree with that. I don’t think that’s necessary. He’s going to get better and he’s going to grow.”


Sage Northcutt