VIDEO | Rose Namajunas says she knows she will fill the void of Ronda Rousey

There has yet to be a female mixed martial arts star as popular as Ronda Rousey but that may all change soon.

Following a submission win over Michelle Waterson at UFC on FOX 24, UFC strawweight contender Rose Namajunas is looking to win the division title in 2017 and says she knows she is headed for superstardom.

Ronda Rousey Rose Namajunas

I an interview with TMZ, Namajunas was told that a lot of people think that she will be the female fighter to take the place of Ronda Rousey in terms of popularity.

“I’ve been knowing that,” Namajunas replied with a little laugh. “It’s just a matter of whether or not people like me. But, I think people do.”

TMZ went into how other UFC stars such as Michael Bisping and Tyron Woodley are getting into acting in movies and asked “Thug” if she envisions herself going more into acting or modeling in her future.

“I think I’m more suited for modeling,” Namajunas said. “Acting and fighting is just like, even though you kind of have to like fake it till you make it in terms of tricking your opponent and being mentally strong, that’s like one similarity to acting but it stills feels sometimes forced, you know? So, I definitely don’t want to do anything that’s out of my element. But, at the same time, if it’s the right opportunity, I can be bought,” Namajunas said with a smile and a little laugh.

Do you think Rose Namajunas will become the UFC women’s strawweight champion in 2017 and be the next female mixed martial arts superstar? If you believe so, make sure to send show your support for “Thug” Rose in the comment section!

Rose Namajunas

This article first appeared on on 4/18/2017.

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