PFL’s Kayla Harrison still hoping to fight Cris Cyborg

Kayla Harrison, PFL 1, Jorge Masvidal
Image: PFL

Rising PFL star Kayla Harrison is often compared to fellow Olympic judoka Ronda Rousey. Yet she says one of the main differences between her and Rousey is that she actually wants to fight Cris Cyborg.

“That’s always been the difference between me and Ronda Rousey,” Harrison told ESPN recently. “She never wanted to fight Cyborg. I was always like, ‘I can’t wait to fight Cyborg.’

The lustre of a fight with Cyborg has diminished a bit on the heels of the long-time champion’s knockout loss to Amanda Nunes. That being said, Kayla Harrison would still love to fight her, and with Cyborg’s UFC contract nearing completion, she hopes it’s possible down the road.

“The UFC, for whatever reason, I don’t think they like Cyborg,” Harrison said. “I think they wanted Amanda to win. I don’t know the history, but from what I hear, they wanted this to happen and Cyborg might not have a contract come March.”

“I still think it would be awesome to fight her,” she continued. “One loss in 10 years doesn’t make her a dud. She’s still a complete wrecking machine. That was the greatest women’s fight of all time, and it kind of pisses me off it was overshadowed by so much stupidity and drama last week.”

“I think the only thing that makes sense for her right now is a rematch with Amanda, but of course I would still fight her. No matter what, I would fight her.”

Does a fight between Kayla Harrison and Cris Cyborg interest you?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 1/4/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM