Pat Barry: Leg Breaking Low Kicks Worth The Risk

“I’m a very conscious fighter. I think about it always – all the time. Every time I throw a kick. Every time my foot comes off the ground, if it lands I’m going to win, if they block it I’m going to lose. It’s a fact. I don’t hold anything back, I just let them go.”

“If it happens, it happens. Everyone is evolving, getting better at offense and getting better at defense. Are people getting better at blocking low kicks? Yes. But, as time goes on and the sport evolves and everyone gets better, our bodies also get more worn out, more frail, more torn to pieces.

“The risk is worth the reward. It’s a dangerous thing to do sometimes. Fighting, period, is dangerous. It’s kind of strange – you throw the kick and your leg breaks, and everyone goes crazy. But if you throw a punch and you break your hand, nobody cares.”

In a recent interview with, former UFC heavyweight fighter Pat Barry, discussed the every increasing risk of leg kicks in combat sports.

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In recent history we have seen both Anderson Silva and Tyrone Spong break their legs nearly in half with a checked low kick to their opponents leg.

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