Stockton Firefighters Tell an Awesome Story About Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz

When Conor McGregor tried to burn Nate Diaz about teaching kid’s jiu jitsu class on the weekends, some people may have not known than he was telling the truth. Despite his economic success, Diaz not only chooses to stay in or around Stockton, but contributes to the 209 community. The people there feel his impact and it results in a fan loyalty that can’t be manufactured. This latest story told by a local fire department is just one of many examples of Nate and Nick Diaz’s fingerprint to the area.

“Tough: Strong enough to withstand adverse conditions. Proud: Deeply satisfied due to one’s own qualities or reputation. These are two words that inevitably might come up if you had to describe the City of Stockton, those from the community, or those that protect it. ‘Tough’ & ‘Proud’ are words that are representative of Stockton, and of Stockton Firefighters. They also happen to describe the Diaz Brothers, hometown heroes that have made their mark on the international mixed martial arts world.”

Nate Diaz

“When Nate Diaz happened to see one of our fire family members dressed in Local 456 swag (as one of our firefighters and his son train at the Nick Diaz Academy), Nate told them, ‘Where did you get that shirt? It’s [freaking] sick, I want one.’ The request was filled, and Nate is now seen on occasion showing his support for Stockton Firefighters. He stopped for this photo, before he began his own training session last night. ‘You better take that picture now before it gets all sweaty and wrecked.’ Thanks for the support Nate, stay tough and proud.” — From the official Stockton Firefighters L456 Facebook page.

Unfortunately, if you’re wanting to see if you can grab one of these shirts as well, it’s not possible. Stockton Firefighters L456 printed them in a very limited amount and were only available privately. Another thing that seems unavailable, is Nate Diaz himself. He claimed he had been offered a title shot against anyone on the roster but isn’t interested. He’ll turn his focus on boxing for now.

This article first appeared on on 12/16/2017.

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