Nick Diaz recalls being concussed in training and the chin of his brother Nate

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Both Nick and Nate Diaz are known for their never-ending offense and their iron chins that many fighters can’t seem to figure out.

While appearing as a guest on The Jasta Show recently, Nick talked about his younger brother Nate’s durability as well as his own.

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“It’s hard too, like my brother fought Josh Thomson and my brother wasn’t knocked out,” Nick explained. “I’m glad they stopped the fight, cause he’s my brother. I don’t care, I want them to stop the fight as soon as it starts. But, at the same time, he wasn’t, he’s never been, I’ve never seen my brother unconscious, ever. Ever! He probably saw me eat shit that one time where I was a little loopy afterward, probably just never wanted to deal with that ever. Probably never.”

Diaz went on to recall one incident that he knows he was concussed while training, way back in his days as a teenager.

“You know and I got the shit drilled out of me too when first started training,” Nick said. “I sparred this big, old 260-pound fat motherf***er that ran the gym. He was basically, started eating shit when I started putting punches right in his face and then he was like, ‘I gotta get this f***ing kid,’ because he didn’t expect that. And, I didn’t expect that but I was putting it on him and he f***ing cracked me, got into the corner to where I couldn’t really move and just f***ed me up.

“And then he was like, ‘Whoa, no, no no, you’re done. I f***ed you up. You’re done.’

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“Then I was like, ‘Yeah, I am kind of done. You motherf***er,’ Diaz exclaimed. “I definitely had a concussion. I was f***ing nauseous later, I was fucked up. So I know better. People are like, ‘Why you never get knocked out?’ I’m like, cause I don’t want to get knocked out motherf***er! F**k you! I’m well aware of trying to enhance my sense of security!”

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