Michael Bisping respects Conor McGregor, but Believes Eddie Alvarez would “Kill Him”

Michael Bisping

Not long ago, in the main event of UFC 202, Conor McGregor stole a majority decision from Nate Diaz, avenging an earlier loss to the same man and reestablishing himself as one of the game’s best fighters with the win.

The strange thing about McGregor, however, is that he’s spent the entirety of his UFC career fighting at weight classes that do not appear to be the ideal fit for him. At featherweight, where he won the divisional title, he faced a brutal weight cut. At welterweight, where he would go 1-1 with Diaz, he was clearly undersized. Yet now that he’s achieved his title goals at featherweight, and avenged his welterweight loss to Diaz, the Irishman appears poised to shift to the division that seems to be his best fit: lightweight.

Given his status as the sport’s biggest star, there would likely be no tuneup fights for McGregor at lightweight. Instead, he’d probably jump the contender line altogether and run right into a title fight with reigning lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

While McGregor opened as a slight betting favourite for a potential title fight with Alvarez, not everyone is confident the Irishman would actually win this fight. UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, for example, has his doubts.

“I think looking at that last fight [with Diaz], he does not want to fight Eddie Alvarez at 155,” Bisping recently told Daily Star Sport“I think Alvarez kills him, man. He’ll just take him down and destroy him.”

“I’m not saying that to be mean, I just think stylistically,” the Brit elaborated.

Despite his doubts, however, Bisping took care to assure that he really does respect McGregor.

“I like Conor,” he said. “Conor is incredible, he’s done amazing things for this sport. He’s brought so many eyes on to it, he’s making so much money, and he’s exciting as hell. He brings excitement.”

So, what chance do you give McGregor against Alvarez? Do you think he can defeat the lightweight champion, or are you with Bisping on this one? Sound off, PENN nation!