Next time Marvin Vettori sees Israel Adesanya, he’s “going to slap him really hard”

Marvin Vettori, Israel Adesanya

Last weekend, on the main card of the UFC’s exciting stop in Glendale, Arizona, Italian middleweight Marvin Vettori gave up a close decision to highly-hyped prospect Israel Adesanya. Since then, he’s made no secret of the fact that he feels the fight should have gone his way.

As it turns out, Vettori’s gripes don’t end with the UFC Glendale judges. He’s also got some lingering beef with Adesanya, and promises to slap the striking specialist next time he sees him.

Vettori explained why in an interview with

“After the fight, he knew he lost; he really knew he lost,” Vettori said of Adesanya. “He came up and told me, ‘We’ll do it again. Don’t worry. We’re going to meet again.’ He was looking all kind of like beaten. His mind was beaten. Then he went up to my coaches and is like, ‘Ah yeah, maybe I will come to train.’ He was humbled a lot by my performance against him. Then right after he goes out and talks (expletive) on media. That’s what pissed me off, because he’s like a double-faced piece of crap. That’s what he is. So my performance, I was solid. I definitely think that I won the fight. But the judges didn’t see it that way.”

“I just don’t like his attitude,” Vettori continued. “He kept talking (expletive) about the spaghetti bull(expletive). He knows I can’t do any of this thing because he knows I’ll be pointed as racist because he’s black, but he can do that toward me because I’m white, and I don’t like that, at all. I think UFC should do something to stop this because it’s not fair. I’m not joking.

“Next time I see him – I better not see him because I’m going to after him. I don’t care who is in front of me. I’m going to slap him real hard. I don’t care. Whatever I say I’m down to back it up. I’m not a little (expletive). I don’t talk to be funny like he does. Next time I see him, it’s better that I don’t see him because it’s not going to be good for him. I don’t like the fact that he’s a double-face liar. At first he said something and he was all beat up, and then right after he goes out and talks (expletive).”

Needless to say, a three-round fight clearly wasn’t enough to squash Marvin Vettori and Israel Adesanya’s beef. Would you be down to see them run it back?

This article first appeared on on 4/18/2018.

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