Magalhaes Tired Of Fighter Salaries Being Mis-Reported

By BJPENN.COM News - February 5, 2014

Former UFC light-heavyweight, Vinny Magalhaes, is at odds with a certain website who puts out theoretical salary reports when a UFC event takes place in a non-disclosure state.

They use the most recent reported data to come up with a logical ‘guesstimate’ of what each fighter may have been paid.

It’s a cool idea, and they’ve gotten some notoriety for it. But Vinny isn’t having it:

He took to twitter with the following:

MMAManifesto sucks, they keep on reporting wrong #’s on fighters pay, and other websites report the same #’s out of laziness.

This might not seem to be a big deal, but as a fighter I can tell that this is a big deal.
To give an example, when I fought Phil Davis, MMA Manifesto reported that I had made $8k to show in that fight, when in fact I’ve made $22k (which was my second fight in a 6-figure contract)
Here is the issue, when I had to negotiate with other promotions after getting cut from the UFC these promotions wanted to pay me based on what I was making in the UFC, and the only thing that they could find online were the $8k reported by MMA Manifesto, so they ended up low balling me thinking that they were making me a nice offer, since they were offering me something close to what I was making in the UFC (according to MMA Manifesto, but nowhere close to the real numbers).

I’m writing this because I just saw that they have reported Barão’s pay for UFC 169, and they reported that he made 22k, same numbers that he made in February of 2012 before he became a champion, also the last time that he has fought in a state where the payouts are released to the public.

Anyways, fans, bloggers, promoters and real journalists, don’t believe anything that comes from that website, MMA Manifesto is a shitty website run by lazy people.

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