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Kevin Holland claps back at Brendan Allen for “douchebag” comment about Houston shooting incident

Kevin Holland doesn’t seem to be a fan of Brendan Allen’s comments about a Houston shooting.

Earlier this week, the UFC welterweight was at a restaurant in Texas when gunfire erupted. Holland, alongside two other men, quickly subdued the man and halted the active shooting. According to reports, the fighter saw two men struggling when he went up behind the shooter and choked him out. He then stayed at the scene until police arrived.

Naturally, Holland has been praised for his actions. However, that hasn’t stopped some individuals from cracking jokes about the situation. One that decided to joke around is UFC middleweight, Brendan Allen. It’s worth noting that the two fought back in 2019, with ‘All In’ picking up the second-round submission victory.

In response to seeing reports of the shooting, he joked that there’s no way that Holland took the shooter down. The middleweight clearly poked fun at his former foe’s notable deficiencies in the wrestling department. Holland has now taken some time to respond to that joke.

Kevin Holland responded to the joke on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. It’s safe to say the welterweight contender isn’t a fan of Brendan Allen’s attempt at humor.

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“Hey, I would love to make a few jokes, you know, hey, I’m a jokester. I like to have fun. But it’s one of those situations, I just got a message from one of the ladies that was there, she’s just happy that her and her husband got to go home to their newborn baby. If I’m not mistaken Brendan Allen has a couple of kids, had a kid not too long ago. Hopefully when you’re in that situation Brendan, hopefully you’re taking things seriously so you can make it home to your kids and everyone there can make it home to their kids and you’re not such a douchebag.” (h/t SportsKeeda)

What do you think of the recent comments made by Brendan Allen and Kevin Holland?

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