Anti-PED heavyweight Mark Hunt blasts Jon Jones for latest failed drug test

Mark Hunt

Last night, we learned that Jon Jones had failed a drug test in the buildup to his UFC 214 fight with Daniel Cormier – a fight he won by third-round knockout, which earned him the UFC light heavyweight title. Unsurprisingly, this disappointing news generated grave reactions from many of the game’s top fighters, and from UFC President Dana White. One of the most interesting reactions to this news came from heavyweight legend Mark Hunt, who is one of the most outspoken advocates against steroid use in MMA.

Shortly after this unfortunate news broke, Hunt took to Instagram to trash Jones, referencing Jones’ Philippians 4:13 tattoo.

“[Daniel Cormier] should get all of Jones’ money,” Hunt said in his Instagram post. “And your a betch Jones. Cheating ass loser. Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through him who gives me strength plus the juice.”

Hunt’s disdain for steroid abuse, of course, is easy to understand. Back in July of 2016, Hunt stepped into the cage with hulking heavyweight star Brock Lesnar. Hunt lost this fight by unanimous decision, but it was later revealed that Lesnar failed multiple drug tests in the days surrounding this fight. Since then, Hunt has had a venomous vendetta against fighters who seek to gain an advantage by using performance enhancers.

This is not the first time the heavyweight has trashed Jones.

“Look at these f-kers,” Hunt said Mike Swick’s podcast in early August. “You’ve got Jon Jones, for instance. That guy is the best. One of the best fighters in the world, but he’s a cheater. Just like Brock Lesnar, you’re all a pack of frickin’ dog cheats, that’s all you are. Nothing else. So, now the two f-king biggest cheaters in the world are going to fight? Oh, f-k. I’m not going to waste my money watching these two cheaters fight. Why would I? They’re cheaters, in the end. That’s basically all they are. They should get nothing! I used to respect Jon Jones before this but I don’t respect him after this. When you get caught for doping —and he got caught for the same dope that Lesnar did — he’s not a martial artist, none of them are. They get no respect from me. None. I wouldn’t want to waste my f-king time watching that s-t!”

What do you think of these anti-Jones comments from Mark Hunt?

This article first appeared on on 8/23/2017.

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