VIDEO | Joe Rogan gives highest of praise to possibly the ‘best boxer that has ever lived’

Joe Rogan’s passion for combat sports is what makes him such a great commentator for the UFC.

As a skilled black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and taekwondo, Rogan not only can talk the talk but he can definitely back it up in the gym as well.

Joe Rogan kicking training

Rogan’s knowledge and experience are reasons why so many fans hang on to what Rogan has to say. So, this is why his opinion of Vasyl Lomachenko is bringing a lot of awareness to fans that might not already know of the two-time Olympic gold medalist and WBO junior featherweight champion.

“People who don’t know, please go online right now and google ‘Vasyl Lomachenko.’ He might be the best boxer that has ever lived,” said Rogan while talking with Thaddeus Russell on a recent episode of his Joe Rogan Experience podcast. “He’s on such another level with his footwork and movement. I just can’t come up with a comparable, I mean there’s been some amazing boxers way back to Sugar Ray Robinson and Willie Pep and all those guys paved the way. I feel like everything evolves, right? Every combat sport, even art, and music evolves to the current state it’s at right now. You get the best of the best right now and you go, ‘Wow. They’ve learned from Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard and Roy Jones and Bernard Hopkins.’ Lomachenko is, in my eyes, is the best. The way he moves is insane. He’s super aggressive.”

Vasyl Lomachenko

Rogan added that Lomachenko’s style is opposite to Floyd Mayweather but that is just what makes Rogan hold Lomachenko is such high regard.

Rogan and Lomachenko had a friendly exchange on twitter following Rogan’s high praise.

Have you had a chance to watch Vasyl Lomachenko do his thing in the ring yet? Let’s hear what your thoughts are in the comment section on what Joe Rogan has to say regarding one of the names at the top of boxing’s pound-for-pound list.

This article first appeared on on 5/2/2017.

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