Frankie Edgar responds to callout from Conor McGregor

Frankie Edgar, Conor McGregor

Last week, former two-division UFC champ Conor McGregor partook in his first interview in quite awhile. In this interview, the Irish star named multiple potential opponents for his anticipated return to the cage. One of those opponents was former UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar, who recently announced his intention to move to bantamweight.

“Who else is top of the list? Frankie Edgar is also up there on the list because he has similarities to Khabib,” McGregor said of Edgar. “He runs on the back foot and shoots on the single leg. I want these sort of similar bouts. And also, Frankie has been very respectful. He’s always respectful. He said, ‘I want to tell my his grandkids I fought Conor McGregor’, one day.

“For me to hear that, ask Dana [White] — now this is going back many months now — I messaged Dana straight away and said, ‘That’s the fight to make’. Even though he lost to Max [Holloway] in a very close bout, I don’t care. Wins and losses don’t matter in this game. It’s the stories we are all on and the journeys we are all on.”

Speaking on his Twitter account Sunday night, Frankie Edgar responded to this callout from Conor McGregor. While he still intends to drop down to the bantamweight division, the former UFC lightweight champ says he will fight McGregor at any weight class.

“You know I’m down to fight [Conor McGregor],” Edgar wrote on Twitter. “It should have happened a long time ago. I know I’m going down to bantamweight but for you any weight class will do. Anytime any weight class you know I’m game.”

Does a fight between Conor McGregor and Frankie Edgar interest you? If not, who would you like to see the two former champs fight next?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 8/26/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM