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Fighter In Critical Condition Following Wisconsin MMA Bout, Hasn’t Woken Since Fight

In a bit of horrible news, Wisconsin MMA Fighter, Dan Kiser was choked unconscious over the weekend and never woke up.

The fighter, lost his regional title and according to reports was possibly a victim of poor officiating.

His manager took to Facebook with details: (via mma.tv)

Sadly in lastnight Main Event one of our best friends and clients Dan Kiser was hurt and airlifted to Fargo. Dan isn’t one of the most loved fighters in Minnesota, he’s the MOST loved. He is known for heart, grit, determination and making everyone feel special. Dan is in cricitcal conditon and fighting for his life and showing all the qualities he has to battle thru this like the Champion he is.

Las night surgery was performed to relief the pressure on his brain. That surgery seems to have been successful. Dan is in ICU, he is sedated, but he is stable. There is alot of rumors and speculation so we wanted to let everyone know to keep Dan in their prayers. The outpouring of support has been amazing but not surprising knowing Dan’s character. He is currently not able to receive cards or flowers but we will keep you informed when that changes so everyone that has aked us can send him some more love.

During a extemely difficult time like this prayer and support to Dan’s family is greatly appreciated and sorry if we have not been able to reply to everyone yet. His family, fans, teammates and Coach have been extremely supportive and that does not go unnoticed or underappreciated.

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